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What We


We Provide Psychological, Occupational and Financial Relief in times of crises and disaster: be it man-made or natural.


Capacity building of young girls, IDPs and Refugees by offering them learning and training opportunities to enhance and nurse their competences on Management, Leadership and cross cutting fields


1) We Promote gender equality through education and training of the girl child.

2) We Promote inclusive and equitable quality education and enhance lifelong learning opportunities for girls.


1) To shelter homeless women and children with respect to specific design programs.

2) To empower women and girls on employment and marketable skills (Income Generating Activities).

3) Promote social cohesion in the society through living and working together in peace and harmony.

Bum Christable.

I’m an IDP from the North West region of Cameroon precisely from Wum. I had not been to school for 3 years due to the ongoing crises in the North West and South West regions. My parents and I fled to Yaoundé in search of refuge. We settled at Ebebda with other victims from the north and south west region. On arriving Ebebda, life wasn’t easy; my parents could barely afford feeding for the family not to talk of education and health care facilities. Thanks to CEFONEV, I’m able to get proper feeding, health care and accommodation. I’m preparing to begin school this coming academic year thanks to CEFONEV.

A testimony of the IDPs at Ebebda.

We are a group of people who fled from the fierce fighting in the English speaking part of Cameroon, specifically from Wum, North West region of the country. Some of us cheated death when many of our brothers and sisters were shot in cold blood right before us. A few lucky ones like some of us managed to escape with our love ones for our dear lives. We got to Ebebda with no clothes and nothing to show for. We barely could eat, pregnant and nursing mothers slept on bare floor. Life was not moving at all until CEFONEV came to our rescue.

Nache Edith Tankong.

I’m an IDP from the southwest region of Cameroon, Fako division precisely from Mutengene. Due to the ongoing crises in our country Cameroon which began in 2016, I stayed home without schooling for three years. I then moved to Yaoundé in 2019 with a confused mind but didn’t know who I was going to meet on my way as a helper. God being so kind, I was opportune to meet the president of CEFONEV. She took me in as her child, fed, clothed and accommodated me at the CEFONEV center, CEFONEV has sent me to school, I had my ordinary level and now preparing for my advance level hoping to make it with excellent grades. Thank God for where I am today and more thanks to mama CEFONEV.


Nsanyui Larissa Nunsui

I am an IDP from the North West Region of Cameroon. Following the ongoing crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon in 2016, schools were interrupted and I was just staying at home. In 2017, I had no choice than to move to Yaoundé hoping for the best but life experience then was a bitter one. I had to move from one house to another doing house help jobs in other to fetch for my needs. But those who opted to offer me a job in their homes gave me inhuman treatments. But one day I came in contact with CEFONEV, a center with a mission of helping vulnerable women and girls to achieve their desired dreams in life. The center has helped train me in employment and marketable skills such as income generating activities and a series of educative talks. These skills have helped me raise money for my school and other needs. Today I am a happy student of the University of Yaoundé I studying Geography thanks to CEFONEV. I’m very grateful to be a beneficiary. I thank God for CEFONEV.

Desiyuy Bertrand Angelus

I’m an IDP from the North West region of Cameroon, Bui division precisely from Jakari. Due to the ongoing crises in our country Cameroon, which began in November 2016, I stayed home for a year without going to school. I then moved to my aunt’s place in Yaoundé in 2018 in Nkoabang where I had my first school leaving certificate and was admitted in a secondary school. Due to the distance from home to school, it was difficult for me to trek. So one day I was in class and was called out by the social women who were helping me with transport for school. They told me to meet one woman and that was how I came in contact with the president of CEFONEV. She took me to CEFONEV and treated me like her own child, she clothed, fed and provided me with medical care and above all helps me to further my education. I thank God for my life and thanks to the president of CEFONEV.

Megovo Tchro Franchesca

I am an IDP from the South West region of Cameroon, Meme division precisely Kumba. Due to the ongoing crises in the north and south west regions of Cameroon, I found it very impossible to go to school so had no option to stay at home for three years without schooling. In 2018-2019, I had to move to Yaoundé to see how I can further my education, but there in Yaoundé life was not easy. I had a very hard time with some of the people that gave me accommodation. When I thought all hope was lost, then from nowhere came a helping hand from the president of CEFONEV. She took me in as her child, she cloths me, gives me shelter and sent me back to school. She also gave me a reason to smile again, as for now, I am preparing for my ordinary level examination. I thank God for my life and more thanks to the CEFONEV.

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