Provide Psychological, Occupational and Financial relief to vulnerable women and children, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees in our society.


An inclusive and equitable society for all where potential and lifestyle are socially and economically enhanced .

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An inclusive, Empowered and a Participatory Society


To reach us for any purpose such as partnership, sponsorship, volunteerism, needy, vulnerable, etc. please, kindly on contact us below and fill the contact form.We will do well to respond to you as soon as your request is received.

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About Us

We are a women, girls and children serving organization. Alluding to the UN SDGs and Africa 63 agenda, we do derive our pride in relieving pain, suffering and trauma from these vulnerable groups of persons.

Meet Our Team

Sylvie Afor Achi

CEO and Founder of CEFONEV


Programs Coordinator


Social Worker and Technical Adviser

What We Do


We Provide Psychological, Occupational and Financial Relief in times of crises and disaster: be it man-made or natural.


We Promote inclusive and equitable quality education and enhance lifelong learning opportunities for girls.


Capacity building of young girls, IDPs and Refugees by offering them learning and training opportunities to enhance and nurse their competences on Management, Leadership and cross cutting fields

Together, we can change the lives of the needy and vulnerable

Bum Christable.

. I’m an IDP from the North West region of Cameroon precisely from Wum. I had not been to school for 3 years due to the ongoing crises in the North West and South West regions. My parents and I fled to Yaoundé in search of refuge. We settled at Ebebda with other victims from the north and south west region. On arriving Ebebda, life wasn’t easy; my parents could barely afford feeding for the family not to talk of education and health care facilities. Thanks to CEFONEV, I’m able to get proper feeding, health care and accommodation. I’m preparing to begin school this coming academic year thanks to CEFONEV.

A testimony of the IDPs at Ebebda.

We are a group of people who fled from the fierce fighting in the English speaking part of Cameroon, specifically from Wum, North West region of the country. Some of us cheated death when many of our brothers and sisters were shot in cold blood right before us. A few lucky ones like some of us managed to escape with our love ones for our dear lives. We got to Ebebda with no clothes and nothing to show for. We barely could eat, pregnant and nursing mothers slept on bare floor. Life was not moving at all until CEFONEV came to our rescue.

Nache Edith Tankong.

I’m an IDP from the southwest region of Cameroon, Fako division precisely from Mutengene. Due to the ongoing crises in our country Cameroon which began in 2016, I stayed home without schooling for three years. I then moved to Yaoundé in 2019 with a confused mind but didn’t know who I was going to meet on my way as a helper. God being so kind, I was opportune to meet the president of CEFONEV. She took me in as her child, fed, clothed and accommodated me at the CEFONEV center, CEFONEV has sent me to school, I had my ordinary level and now preparing for my advance level hoping to make it with excellent grades. Thank God for where I am today and more thanks to mama CEFONEV.

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