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Center for the Needy and Vulnerable (CEFONEV) is a registered humanitarian non-profit organization born on the 2nd of February 2017 with motto of Love, Care and Hope. We are situated in Biyem-Assi Yaoundé. We are a women, girls and children serving organization. Alluding to the UN SDGs and Africa 63 agenda, we do derive our pride in relieving pain, suffering and trauma from these vulnerable groups of persons. In this light, the women, girls and children are kept under our care where the women are trained on employment and marketable skills and the girls and children are given access to quality education. We equally respond to disasters and humanitarian crisis by providing first aid relief assistance to victims.


Am Sylvie Afor Achi, the CEO and founder of CEFONEV, Center for the Needy and Vulnerable. My passion to help people in need especially the vulnerable ones is the pillar on which CEFONEV was built. I am a mathematics teacher for over 15 years and a holder of a second degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Tel-Aviv University in Israel. The reason for a diversified background is the ability to think out of the box. I have attended conferences and workshops in and out of Cameroon on Human Rights and peace building to help address some of the ills plaguing our society today. One of such conferences is the last Commonwealth 2020 conference on social cohesion and the reintegration of the Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees in Cameroon.

As mentioned above, my experiences from the tender age of 23 as a teacher, a discipline mistress in the secondary school as well as an expert in conflict resolution and mediation has given me the spring board from which I have been operating. Life equally has not been easy for me as I have faced challenges of all kinds, but thanks to God for my spirit of resilience and the determination I have overcome some of them. Then in 2017, I found my passion in helping the vulnerable one stranded and fleeing from conflict and in dire need of our attention. Though CEFONEV is barely 3 years old, what it has achieved so far is mind blowing. We have walked closely with MINAT, our mother ministry to strategize ways forward out of precarious situations. We equally have shared ideas with great minds like the British High Commissioner and the West African head, delegation from the prestigious institution ENAM, some honorable parliamentarians in our country as well as top US personnel, etc. to address pertinent issues surrounding us. We have two main goals, the first is to put in place a sustainability strategy which is realizable, and the second is to double our efforts to reach great milestones.


Provide Psychological, Occupational and Financial relief to vulnerable women and children, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees in our society


An inclusive and equitable society for all where potential and lifestyle are socially and economically enhanced .


Inclusive, Empowered and a Participatory Society

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Meet those sacrificing their time and resources to make this vision realizable

MENDA Promise

Programs Coordinator

I am an expert in Project Management, HRM, Finance and Budget. I hold a postgraduate diploma in Economics and a bachelor’s degree in Management and Business Administration from the University of Yaoundé II. I joined CEFONEV in 2017as a volunteer before being promoted as Programs Coordinator, a position I currently serve with respect, dignity and humility. I derive my pride from the impact CEFONEV is creating in the lives of young women, girls and children.


Social Worker and Technical Adviser

I am a graduate from the university of Paris XII Val-de-Marne, Creteil with MA in Linguistics and a teacher by profession. I have taught English and French languages in many schools in Cameroon. I now work with CEFONEV.CEFONEV in pursuit of the trilogy above has been steadfast in providing psycho support to IDPs, women and refugees under her care. CEFONEV helps these vulnerable groups to come out from their trauma, pain and depression. Also, they are educated in stress management, how to have mastery of their thoughts to fit in the new situation they are. Providing care and improving lifestyle remains the bedrock of CEFONEV's raison d’ệtre.

Tete Catherine Longchi.


I am a holder of a Bachelor Degree in Literatures in English from the University of Bamenda. I am a volunteer at CEFONEV. I am a program assistant officer involve in addressing issues patterning to inclusive and quality Education of young women and children. My desire is to serve humanity and contribute my own quota in nation building. Working at CEFONEV has impacted my life in several ways; I have been able to accomplish a long live dream which is to help persons in need, I have also been able to widen my scope of knowledge in diverse areas. Before joining CEFONEV I have served as a volunteer with the health services at the Presbyterian Health Center Bali.

Ngha Yolland Zou

Volunteering Accountant

I am the Founder and CEO of Ets Yolisyummies and fashion world. I’m a Volunteering accountant at CEFONEV At CEFONEV, I record monetary transactions, prepare financial and other necessary reports. Being a servant leader, helping others to help me through volunteering acts is one of the things I do at CEFONEV, aimed at making the world a better place aside my accounting job description. I have equally attended a series of trainings with ANO consultancy, C-life, AWLO Cameroon youth council and ROBOGA. CEFONEV has given me a more open platform of opportunities to do what I love most which is reaching out to people in need. I am a holder of higher national diploma in accounting and currently perusing my professional degree in the same field

Patton Verkonge Kiven


I am currently working as an intern at CEFONEV As an intern I am currently being nursed in project related activities. My passion to join CEFONEV came as a result of their impressive and outstanding achievements in letting vulnerable woman and girls to attain their desires and fulfill their dreams. My ambition is to be an expert in project management in which CEFONEV has offered me the opportunity. I am undergoing HND program in CITEC HITM and a holder of GCE Advance levels. I have the passion and zeal working for people and volunteering especially serving the needy and vulnerable in our society.